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  • KENT CHROME MILL 2 - ML100020SET.jpg
  • KENT CHROME MILL 2 - ML100020SET.jpg

The English Tableware Company Kent - Salt and Pepper Mill Set

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The Kent Mill Set is a unique and inspirational example of British innovative design. Designed here in the UK, the sculptured shape is like no other with the chrome plated wheel top being the special, intrinsic feature. You will want to display this wonderful set on your dining table to impress your friends. The clear acrylic body and chrome plating are a classic design style with a modern edge. The clear encasement allows you to see your peppercorns and rock salt and know when you will need to refill the mill. The practical use of black and white stoppers provides guidance to easily recognise and dissimulate the required condiment. The mill set is pre-filled and is presented in a gift box making it an ideal gift.

Material: Acrylic

Size: 115mm

Do not expose to heat and avoid direct contact with steam. Store mills in a cool\, dry place. Wipe external surfaces clean with a damp cloth- not dishwasher safe.

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